Social Media

We love receiving positive reviews, it makes our day and let’s us know that you are happy with our service. The majority of our business comes from recommendations which we love.
The biggest thing that generally upsets me is when people leave us a review or moans about us on social media but doesn’t really state why they were not happy! What did we do wrong? Could we have corrected the issue? WHY do people do this? I’m the most approachable person you could ever meet, I work incredibly hard to keep our reputation and standards high and it truly upsets me when I hear or see things about me and my team.

It doesn’t happen very often but when it does I get very upset that the person making the comments couldn’t pick the phone up, send me an email, come back… why do people do this? How can we improve our service IF we don’t know….. ?

So please, if you are not happy, if we’ve not done something that you wanted – come back, call us, just let me know…. If I’ve paid for a service that I wasn’t happy with I would let the business know.