Coronavirus – Covid-19 – UPDATE


Thank you for your continued support during this incredible busy time, It has been amazing to see so many regulars and new customers coming to see us.

Our social Distances measure are still in place and we have a non contact handover, so you are extremely safe in coming to see us. We have hand sanitiser stations in the hall before you come in and also on reception. Myself and the team stay firmly behind the perspex screen until you have attached your dog onto one of our leads.

Sadly, we’ve seen an incredibly amount of no-shows during the last few weeks. As a small business and being forced to close for 6 weeks, the Financial implications of this have been completely heartbreaking. If you do not intend to come to your appointment, or can not make the time, there is no reason for you not to let us know. I have a waiting list of customers wanting a valuable appointment and when people just don’t turn up, I still have to pay my staff, my bills, my landlord.. Unless we hear from you within 24 hours of your missed appointment, no further appointments will be made.

Thank you all for your support during this very difficult time..

Stay Safe – Sarah xx